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I’m elated to share a milestone that’s close to my heart.

Recently, I was selected to have the opportunity to present at the Equalize Pitch Competition. Equalize is a pitch competition & symposium to empower academic women entrepreneurs. 

 And drumroll….. 

We won! Family Room was awarded the Judges Award for Best Digital Tool. Standing among innovators from esteemed institutions such as Columbia and Yale, this moment marks a significant affirmation of our mission to transform hospital stays into a more engaging and compassionate experience for patients and their families. 

I think anyone who’s been around Dr. Hetland for more than 10 minutes knows that her fire just burns brighter and hotter than the rest of us. Honestly, it would have been more surprising if she didn’t win.

Tyler Scherr, PhD, Licensing Specialist at UNeMed

Here’s another quote.

From Greg

Beyond winning the competition, I was able to connect with other great innovators and leaders in the MedTech, Theraputics, Physical Sciences, and Digital Tools spaces. I am always humbled and grateful to be welcomed into those spaces, connect with other brilliant folks trying to change the world and spread the mission and vision of Family Room.

To delve deeper into our journey and the details of our recent accomplishment, I invite you to read the full article here.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission at Family Room. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of care, one hospital stay at a time.