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Activate Caregivers
Improve Outcomes

Practical tools, in the hands of caregivers at the bedside.
  • Connected, holistic healing
  • Enhance quality & safety
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Lower overall costs

Informed by 70+ families, clinicians, and leaders.

The Family Room App

The right tools to empower & heal caregivers at the bedside.


Guides to your hospital unit and caregiving support resources.


Connect families, care teams, and services when it’s needed most.


Tools to track questions, take notes, and connect with experts.


Guidance on caring for the patient and for themselves.

Humanizing the hospitalization experience.

Our Vision

Empower and engage family caregivers in patient care in order to reduce social isolation, enhance quality and safety, increase satisfaction, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Our Why

We believe in the power of human connection. We believe family is defined by the patient and family members are valuable contributors to patient care. Modernizing healthcare means moving families from the periphery to the center of the healthcare team. We believe that the threads of love, support, and togetherness can knit the fabric of healing.

A Human-Centered Approach

We start with listening to clinicians, families, leaders, and innovators to build empathy and deeply understand the challenges people face in the hospitalization experience from all perspectives.

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Help us shape the future of family engagement.

Family Caregivers
Healthcare Professionals

Tell us your story.

We’ve connected with 70+ families, researchers, nurses, and healthcare leaders who continue to inform our work. We’d love to hear from you.

Share Your Story

There is great healing in sharing your story with others. We are collecting caregiver stories, tips, and encouragement to share with others.