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Humanize the Hospitalization

Together, we are redefining the boundaries of care by researching, designing, and building tools that bring family members closer to the bedside — offering them the guidance and support needed to navigate the uncertainty of the hospitalization experience.

Informed by 70+ families, clinicians, and leaders.

Family member holds patient's hand in hospital bed.

The hospitalization experience is broken.

  • Patients feel like a number
  • Family members feel lost and isolated
  • Nurses are burnt out

We believe there’s a better way.

A world where…
  • Patients feel seen
  • Family members feel engaged
  • Nurses feel supported

What We’re Doing

We are setting out on a 12-month process to research, design, and build an application that will be used in a year-long clinical trial by family members and nurses at the Nebraska Medical Center.

Our Goal

Empower and engage family caregivers in patient care in order to reduce social isolation, enhance quality and safety, increase satisfaction, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Our Why

We believe in the power of human connection. We believe family is defined by the patient and family members are valuable contributors to patient care. Modernizing healthcare means moving families from the periphery to the center of the healthcare team. We believe that the threads of love, support, and togetherness can knit the fabric of healing.

A Human-Centered Approach
Nov '23 - Jan '24
Discovery Interviews (Families, Patients, Nurses, Leaders)
Sign-up For Interview
Feb - Aug '24
Design & Build Solution
Sep - Nov '24
Test Solution in Simulation Environment
Jan - Oct '25

Help us shape the future of family engagement.

Family Caregivers
Healthcare Professionals

Tell us your story.

If you or someone you love has previously been hospitalized, we would love to talk with you about your experience —or— if you are a healthcare professional, tell us about your expectations in engaging family members in the care process.

Our Team

Breanna Hetland, PhD, RN, CCRN-K

Founder, CEO

Greg Nelson

Advisor, Strategy & Design

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